Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fat Chick vs. Food - Week 4

I really hate this shit. It sucks. Okay, so it turns out this week wasn’t the magical week my inner-voice rose up and started kicking some serious boot-ay. I didn’t fall off the wagon per se, but by Saturday of this week I was hanging off the side while one of those Hollywood bad-guy types dressed as nachos and beer was kicking me in the face with his boot.

On the exercise front I managed two trips to the gym, a squash game and a few half-hearted workouts at home with my new routine complements of Trainer Lady. There are a surprising number of exercises you can do with a giant ball and a fat rubber band, by the way. Working with the ball has taken some getting used to because (a) I have the balance of a toddler, and (b) the only other time I've been on that ball a few hours later I was holding a new baby.

I did have a few legitimate excuses for my lame effort this week – its back to being slightly cooler than the arctic circle around here and I screwed up my back early in the week which was pretty painful and limited my movement. Of course the main excuse would be that I suck. I really could have done more than I did. I need to figure out a way to get over it all ready and just get my fat ass off the couch. The exercise still is easier than the food issue, though.

It would be sooo much easier if I was just a heroin addict. Those lucky bastards with their cold-turkey option and fancy rehab centres don’t know how good they’ve got it. Heroin is a lot easier to avoid than food. I have yet to have anyone say to me, “Hey! Do you want to join us after work in the back alley to shoot up?” But the offer of lunch/drinks/munchies happens ALL the time. After a long week at work the siren song of booze and junk food with my fellow co-workers was just too much for me to resist on Friday. Yes, I tried to order water and a salad, but well….I didn’t.

But, this is a new week! I’ll be at the gym on Tuesday, I’m going to some horrible boot camp class on Wednesday, I have Trainer Lady Thursday, I’m taking a dance class Saturday and then I’ll play squash on Sunday. I’ll sprinkle some ball/rubber band workouts in there on the off days and will ingest nothing but carrots and crystal light. Calm down all you healthy people, I’m just kidding. If that was possible for me to do I probably would have tried it by now. Besides, carrots have a lot of carbs.

I lost one lousy pound this week this week. 55 to go.


Keely said...

It's better than gaining one! I know you suck at delayed gratification, but you're making progress at least.

Also, avoid the Crystal Lite with aspartame. Aspartame makes you fat.

Hereby ends my cheerleading until Wednesday, when I look forward to loathing the boot camp instructor with you.

mrsbear said...

A lb lost is better than nothing. And you're actually getting to the gym vs. going home and taking a nap. I would be hibernating if it was subzero. Good luck with the boot camp, sounds like fun.

Heather said...

Hey....your supposed to give yourself at least one "free" day a week right??? That's what they say anyhow. Going out with your friend/co-workers is beneficial to your well being in my book. Don't be soooo hard on yourself.

Kelly said...

A pound is a pound!

And if aspartame makes one fat, I'm sunk. Diet Coke is my bestest friend.

Casey said...

I hope you washed that exercise ball after giving birth on it. We have one here but it was purchased specifically for the kid to play with and I have no idea how I'd use it as a form of exercise.

You lost weight this week so you had a good week. Stop hatin. That's not a phrase I've EVER used before, did I use it in context? I hope so. You're doing great with the exercise and a cheat meal here and there isn't going to kill you.... have a good week!