Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Cool Kids Club

Yeah, yeah I know. Starting a blog a few short months after your best friend starts one is the cyber worlds answer to buying the same outfit or getting the same haircut. Yes, I’m guilty, but fuck it.

It’s only recently I have been introduced to the world of the blogger, and clearly I’ve been missing a lot. Some of the women are the internet who hold the stigmatized label of ‘mommy blogger’ are hysterical. That is clearly illustrated here, here, here, and not the least of which here.

This is not to say that I fancy myself some comedic genius, far from it. I do, however, have the burning desire to belong somewhere where I’m not going to get the one eyebrow when I confess that I put my kid to sleep the night before fully dressed because that buys me an extra 20 minutes of sleep the following morning.

Why confess that at all you ask? Well, I’m not entirely sure. Other than the fact that the daycare is totally on to me so the gig is pretty much up anyway.

Also, I should note that I work for the government. The daily minutia of bureaucracy can really get a girl down, and some of these blogs have kept my brain and sanity alive. Maybe that’s why I wanted to do this……to stop the atrophy.