Thursday, January 29, 2009

I wish I could afford Liposuction

“It’s a tricep party!” is now a punch line for everything. Keely and I went to ‘boot camp’ class last night, which included 45 minutes of resistance training and 45 minutes of cardio calisthenics-type stuff. It sucked. I hate lunges and there were many many lunges. What I hate even more than lunges? Exceedingly perky boot camp class instructors.

Good god, this chick was a piece of work. Between shouting motivators such as “Hey ladies! Are we having a party or what!!? It’s a TRICEP party! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!” she would mouth the words to the Duran Duran remix tape she forced us to listen to.

Nobody should be that enthusiastic about exercise. It was NOT a party, we were NOT having fun, I DON’T want to pretend I’m making a rainbow with my arms while holding five pound weights and nobody over the age of twelve should be allowed to wear pigtails.

However, I am in an appropriate amount of pain today and I must have burned a lot of calories because I have been starving since I finished that class at 8:00 pm last night. I didn’t even cave and eat junk food either! Do you hear that Ms. Donuts for Lunch? And since Ms. Donuts for Lunch is going with me I will have someone to roll my eyes with the whole class so I might just do it again. We’ll have to see how high my tolerance level is for annoyance by next week. I’m going to look into some kind of martial art too. Punching things is appealing.


Keely said...

I only ate the donuts because you don't love me enough to go for sushi with me.

And it was really only ONE donut. I was just trying to make you feel bad.

Casey said...

What's this about Keely eating donuts? Busted. I'm glad YOU stayed strong, even if your exercise partner didn't. Plus, you didn't wish bodily harm on me in your post like she did.

I'm jealous that you guys can exercise together, I want someone to keep me motivated. The internet just isn't doing it.

Heather said...

ahh...sorta jealous...having a workout partner to endure the pain with really helps!!!
And donuts don't have "that' many calories in them...didn't you watch Oprah the other day??? Donuts are better than bagels!!! HA!!!

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Oh I wish I had a boot camp to go to!! I love to kick box!!!

I was /am a big fan of Billy Blanks and his whole bootcamp system and he used to shout at the audience "Come on ladies we need to build a deck on the back of that porch!" Um I so do not need any more deck on my porch or whatever the hell he meant. I am assuming lift my ass up more. He is Satan in a DVD. But my ass did look nice.

My favorite line would be at the end of every class he would tell us to put our right arm on our left shoulder and our left arm on our right sholder and squeeze tight...see that you just all gave yourself a big hug.

Barf. Probably just as annoying as perky girls with pigtails!!!

ocean said...

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Elisa said...

No way. Did she really say "tricep party"? And to pretend you were making a rainbow? Are you sure she wasn't high? Because that would be a better excuse than "she's just perky", which just makes me gag, really.

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