Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fat Chick vs. Food - Week Thirteen

I have officially completed my first three months. I have been working with Trainer Lady since January 8th, and at my session last week she decided to re-check my measurements. If you will recall, my first meeting with Trainer Lady was a lesson in humiliation. This time, the measuring was far less horrifying:

Here is the new vs. old:

Big and Fat FoN (Jan 8th)

Chest: 43.5
Waist: 40
Hip: 49 (ugh, that one hurts)

Moderately Chubby FoN (March 24th)

Chest: 40.5
Waist: 35
Hip: 40.5

You betcha ladies – that is a total inches down of 16.5! Almost nine of that has come off my ass alone. I’m pretty pleased with myself. However…I must say I am starting to miss my boobs. The girls were the only good thing about getting fat, and now they are disappearing and I can’t wear any of my good bra's. But, let’s look on the bright side. My ass is now less Rosanne Barr and more J-Lo. Alright, that might be getting carried away. My ass is now more J-Loish. I’m Jloish. FoN Jloish, that’s me. If I ever have to flee the country at the last minute and need an alias, I'm totally using that one.

Anyhoo – this week was not only the end of my first three months of Fat Chick vs. Food, but it marked the last full week at my job. So what does that have to do with a Fat Chick post you ask? Umm….well…it meant that I cheated a LOT this week. Tons of food, drinks, drinks, some food and maybe a few drinks here and there. Let me put it this way – Friday night found me and my soon-to-be former co-workers at the gay bar at 2:30 am doing the Thriller dance and drinking some kind of liquor that tasted like apples.

I would normally be beating myself up about sucking on the ol’ diet this week, but it’s been an emotional week that had me focusing more on my impending career change and less on the size of my ass. I still did manage five days of exercise though, so I was able to stop the bleeding a little and didn't gain anything this week. I didn't lose anything either, but whatever. Watching Cutie Pie get down with his bad self was totally worth it.


Jenni said...

16.5 inches? That's very impressive, almost the length of a newborn. Very impressive!

Michele said...

Yeah!!! Those are some impressive numbers.

CDB said...

Congratulations, seriously! Talk about having the data to back it up.. wow! Very impressive. Go on witcha bad self.

Robin said...

Wow! Those are amazing numbers! Good for you!

Casey said...

You are so rocking this diet, I'm envious. I didn't do the measurements this time but I'm down over 6lbs since last week. I'm going to try to catch you since I hate having a Roseanne ass too. JLo would be way cooler. Great work and good luck at the new gig!

Keely said...

You've lost the equivilant of a baby. Which actually follows, you've had 3 babies - one down, two to go! And the last one is a really small one!

Frogs in my formula said...

You crack me up. Five day of exercise is a lot! You should be proud of yourself.

If you ever flee the country and come to Mulletville as the booty-liscious FoN Jloish, I will totally buy you a drink.

The Dental Maven said...

FoN Jloish. If that doesn't scream MOVIE STAR, I don't know what does.

HeatherPride said...

If you eat and party like that and you don't gain weight, you're still a rock star in my book!! And taking almost 9 inches off your hips??? You go, girl!!!

Sherendipity said...

Dude, that's awesome!

steenky bee said...

WOO-FRICKEN-HOO! Yay you! I'm jealous! Congratulations on your accomplishments! Wow. Keep on going! Isn't this a huge motivation booster?!