Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Tuesday


It's FINALLY warm outside. It's been about +2 for a couple of days now and people are celebrating. This weekend I saw four people walking outside with shorts on. Snow boots and shorts is an interesting look, but hey - after such a long stretch of tundra hell I don't blame anyone for embracing the shorts. I was also able to have the first conversation with my neighbours since November. Hopefully I'll get to see them again before April. Hell, I even saw a squirrel! Thank you, Mother Nature. I wasn't going to say anything, but you've been quite the bitch lately.

My house is a complete disaster area. I've really got to start cleaning it more often. My last housekeeper quit. Again. I think that should be another New Years resolution - I hear by vow to keep my house clean enough that the maid won't get fed up enough to quit.

My children are driving me crazy. I love them, but sometimes I wish someone would take them away for a couple of days. Why do you have to get divorced in order to have a weekend off here and there? Man, they're just so needy. Mother of the Year - right here.

I have bags of potato chips and giant glasses of coke dancing around in my head. I'm pretty sure if people looked really close at the little space above my head they could see my dancing junk-food bubble too.

I really need to organize my office before I get fired.

J is in the middle of writing finals, and all I can think is that I am VERY happy I never have to write another final as long as I live. She's on the bubble for math, and I really hope she can pull it off. I'm shelling out $30/hr for a math tutor so she better frickn' pass. That will serve me right for not paying attention in math myself, I guess. When she asks me "What good is math anyway?" I'm going to tell her it's important because later in life she will save herself $30/hr twice a week in math tutor fees for her child.

Looking for a fantastic way to torture your teenager? Drop her off at school in a mini-van with 'Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy' blaring from the stereo. Extra points if you add sweet air guitar moves.


Ginny Marie said...

My house? Disaster area. As soon as I pick something up, ten other things get tossed to the floor. Why bother?

I'll second you on the finals!

Keely said...

I didn't even know you knew how to sing that song. I'm a little frightened now.

Unknown said...

I actually said that to my husband. The only way a parent can get some time alone and a night out is to divorce, but he still wouldn't do it. I love Keely, RTT always hooks up the cool people. I know that song, I live in SC. Awesome!

Casey said...

I can't wait to start embarrassing my kids like that.

Glad it finally warmed up, you and mother nature were both bitchy. Kidding. MN wasn't so bad.

My house is always a complete disaster. It's got dog hair on every floor surface and my kids are always covered in it. I made a pact with my husband that we're going to vacuum on Tuesdays and Saturdays (I actually just did). We have a babysitter coming tomorrow so I'm spending all day today cleaning for her. WTF. I clean for her AND pay her. Damn.

Good point on the divorce/break. I'm thinking of signing up my kids with a foster family so we get joint custody. Or jail, I could get SO MUCH sleep in jail.

Enjoyed the randomness, have a great day!

wendysito said...

The divorce/ get rid of your kids for a weekend thing doesn't work.

Only sure thing is that they will be old enough one day for you to kick out, even then it may not work. You will have to leave, probably.

Mrsbear said...

I have contemplated divorce for the sole purpose of giving my husband primary custody. I dream of being the weekend parent. Although then I might have to get a job. :(

Heather said...

I'm right there with you on son asked my what's -5 minus -3....that took me a little while to remember. Stupid math!!!