Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts - the best day of the week 'cause I don't have to think too much or come up with a witty post title.


I have the BEST piece of gossip ever, but it’s impossible to share with anyone who would really care because then I would appear petty and….. well, gossipy. Which, we will know I am, but I’m still too new at my workplace for the rest of my coworkers to realize that. I’m still rocking my ‘I am a PROFESSIONAL’ vibe. Although I have finally abandoned wearing the heels everyday. Baby steps, people.

It was so windy here last Friday that they actually evacuated the tallest building downtown because it’s parkade was separating from the building and it wasn’t considered safe to be in any longer. The building in question is the government-run auto insurance place (the Canadian equivalent to the DMV). I wonder what percentage of people who work there were actually rooting for it to fall over?

I have to register my youngest for kindergarten this fall. Unlike the first two children, I can’t WAIT to unload this child on to the school system. She is the kind of kid school was made for, which is pretty remarkable because as far as I can tell the public school system only works for about twelve kids total, but Lena is one of them. I know EXACTLY the type of kid she’s going to be in school. Lena has a better than average attention span, she is smarter than the average bear, she is extremely manipulative and LIVES for being right. She’s pretty much going to be Reese Witherspoon from Election. But more importantly, she’ll be my little revenge for the school system totally and completely fucking over my other two children. How do you like THOSE apples, Matthew Broderick?

I love how the contestants on the Amazing Race speak Spanish to the people in Singapore.

My 16 year-old daughter is going on a six day school trip to Ottawa and Montreal tomorrow. There will be 90 students, and 8 adult chaperones. Anyone want to lay bets on how that’s going to go? 2 to 1 she looses her ID, 3 to 1 she gets caught sneaking out at night, and even money I get a call from one of the chaperones that starts, “Mrs. Fon? I have your daughter J with me…..”

My new coworkers are adorable. They are just so happy and good. Once one of them got upset about a problem with the database and swore at his desk (he sits within ear shot). He came and apologized to me later for “dropping the 'F-bomb'”. Isn’t that cute? Dude, I came from television and the Gaming industry. My delicate ears are okay with the ‘F-bomb’. I’m in HUGE trouble if these people ever find this blog.

Okay, I think that’s it for me. I don’t want to over do it on the RTT after such a long absence. Go see Keely at the Un-Mom to dig on some more scattered blogging. It's fun, you should try it.


Unknown said...

Dang I missed Amazing Race. I keep forgetting that is on. Do you think I remember to dv'r it either? Nooo! Of course not.

The DMV thing, totally funny.

Apples and Matthew Broderick? Eh? Do you really mean Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting or are Canadain movies different?

Unknown said...

And if you didn't know I couldn't spell already I just proved it.

Sorry about that. Canadian. Got it ;)

Jennifer said...

I've been to Singapore. Everyone spoke English. Better than a lot of Americans.

Keely said...

I kind of want to know what the gossip is.

Jenni said...

Ugh, I HATE having unsharable gossip. It's like having money you can't spend.

Michele said...

I was always happy to pass the children off to the public school system. Never ever understood why anyone would home school. My kids lived longer by leaving the house every day.

Raven said...

I was so happy to send my kids to kindergarten, you have no idea. Especially the youngest she was (and still is) such a handful.

That DMV thing is hilarious.

Captain Dumbass said...

Can you hear the Whirling Dervish music when she's giving the crazy stink eye?