Thursday, March 25, 2010

That American Pie song is going to be in my head for weeks

Remember summer camp?

Where everything was kind of extra fun, even the regular stuff that you would do all the time at home anyway?

And you felt like you had this little secret place that only you and your fellow campers knew about and only you and them understood what it was like to be at camp?

And even the kids there that were really odd and you would never consider hanging out with in real life were still cool to be with because they were part of the chosen few that understood your special camp world?

Even that girl with the back-brace and inhaler who picked her nose and started crying because her s’more fell in the fire?

The provincial government decided to close my summer camp yesterday.

I know I have bored the shit out of you with tales of my career woes of late (the new one is going very well, thanks for asking), but prior to April 1, 2008 I had a job that was so awesome it was like being at summer camp. For four years. I worked at a provincially owned broadcast station that helped tell the stories of my province, provided e-learning opportunities for students living in the north, helped emerging film producers launch careers and just generally kicked all kinds of ass. I loved the work, people, management, purpose, working environment..… was all just awesome. I even had a killer nice office over looking a garden.

I met people who I will be friends with for life working there. I also worked with serious weirdos, and I loved them too. I left my summer camp job for greener pastures in April of 2009, but that place and those weirdos are still really important to me. I consider myself one of them.

They were all laid off yesterday. Every last one of them.

The conservative government running this province doesn’t attach value to anything that doesn’t earn a dollar, so they decided to shut down my summer camp yesterday.

It was a cultural massacre, and my camp buddies were the casualties.

I don’t know why conservatives can’t support things that exist only to provide beauty and comfort. I don’t know why they want to destroy an industry that is full of enthusiastic young people who want to make a career out of telling stories and sharing our province with the rest of the country. I’m going to blame their parents. Clearly they were all raised by Joan Crawford because this fucking government represents everything that is soulless and wrong.

They took away my summer camp. In a few short days it will exist only in my mind, and my friends will be left scrambling to pick up the pieces and try to stay afloat.

Now my beloved camp will be just a story that will eventually fade away. Just like the broadcast network will.

I hope they don't go quietly, though. This fucker is on the air for another few days, so I am expecting some seriously funny shit to suddenly make it to my television set.



Keely said...

*holds a candle*

I like the idea floating around that we all band together and buy it from the government. It'll never happen, but it's a really nice idea.

Jenni said...

Sorry to hear it, FoN.

Here's to hoping they go down in a blaze of glory

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry. We have the same problem with the conservatives here.

Raven said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Having your summer camp sucked into the vortex that is government bureaucracy totally sucks.

Ms. Salti said...

That just plain sucks. I'm sorry to hear it. Hopefully you'll be severely entertained for the next few days!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about that. My husband's summer camp closed the other day too. Life has a way of sucking some time.

Frogs in my formula said...

So sorry to read this post (though selfishly I'm glad you blogged again). You have some great memories but shit, my heart goes out to all those laid off people.