Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fat Chick vs. Food - Week three

I haven’t had the best week, but I think I’m slowly getting back into the habit of not eating like later-years Elvis. I had a few wins (Trainer Lady kicked my ass on Wednesday. I deserved it), and a few loses (a friend I hadn’t seen in 8 years was in town for a visit this weekend and I indulged TOO much).

My fat lady boot camp class starts this week, and I’m pretty excited about it. Well, about as excited as I can get about something like that. I guess I’m looking forward to getting involved with something that might help me look less like Marlon Brando. That might be a more accurate statement.

There are a few things I have found along this little journey that I have found REALLY helpful. First of all, has anyone heard of this?

It’s a really great FREE site that has the best nutrition counter I’ve ever seen. It also has menu suggestions, group chats and exercise suggestions. It’s really great, and it really is free. I have been a member for a while now and I haven’t even ever been spammed.

Also, tea really helps me with my munchie issue at night. There are a million kinds, but I think my favorite is bangle spice. A bit of skim milk and a sweetener and I almost feel like I’ve had dessert. Almost. And, it’s even decaf so I can have as many cups as I need to.

Oh! Did you guys know that the fudge bar at Dairy Queen is only 50 calories? It’s no blizzard, but it sure takes that sugar edge off. 50 calories for the whole bar!!

Now I need a good suggestion for a chip substitute. Anyone? Don’t say carrot sticks or I’ll make fun of you.

Wish me luck this week folks. I think I'm getting my mojo back.


Frogs in my formula said...

I always feel dread when winter comes b/c I know I'll exercise even less than I did in summer. It's so fricken hard. I wish the Lypo Fairy would come suck 15 pounds out of me in my sleep.

Thanks for the DQ heads up. And good luck.

Keely said...

Nice work!

Um, I got no suggestion. Rice cakes?

Jenni said...

can I tell you something about late-years Elvis? I think it is a little bit awesome that he had someone wake him up so that he could eat pies. Like, it was pie o'clock and Elvis must be awakened! The King could NOT miss pie-thirty!

Anyways, good luck, FoN. Do it. DO IT.

Jenni said...

Oh, and for a chip substitute, how about the 94% FF popcorn? Or those dehydrated apple crisps?

Michele said...

I've never seen that site before. Maybe, I'll sign up. The whole vegetarian thing gets in the way with those sites.

I've been snacking on those little bags of Sun Chips. 210 calorie but loads of fiber. After 1 little bag you feel up.

Casey said...

Kickass for getting your mojo back. I can't think of anything except eating the baked kind or (don't laugh) those carrot chips. Oh, I bought some veggie stix once and they weren't so bad. Gave them to the kids as a "healthy snack" even though they were clearly fried.

Good luck in boot camp. You don't want to know what I ate this weekend.

robin said...

Fat-free popcorn is always really yummy. And you can sprinkle it with a bit of low-fat grated romano or parmesan cheese to boost the taste.
Or how about baked potato chips? Is that still too high calorie? Lays BBQ are pretty delish.

Raven said...

I love tea. India Spice tea by the Yogi Tea Company is really good too with a bit of creamer or milk. When I want chips I eat low fat Wheat Thins or Triscuits. I really can't tell the difference between the reduced fat and the regular and they are crunchy and salty which helps when you want chips.

Thanks for the info on the Dairy Queen fudge bar, I'll have to try one!

Glad to hear you're getting your mojo back! Good luck!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I actually was going to say carrots (I love carrots!) Hmm, the chip thing is a tough one. I'm not a huge chip eater (went through a stage in Germany but lets leave that in the past shall we?) What about Wheat Thins or Triscuits? They have a nice crunch and good taste and they come in less fat/salt version and even flavored versions if you want to get fancy about it.

MIL is getting us a wii for Christmas and Cycling Papa said he'd get me the Fitness program. I'm looking forward to having someone to yell at when I exercise.

Jennifer said...

I really like the Baked Lays. Just try to find the invidual bags because they are so good (especially the flavored ones) that you can't stop eating them. I found a big box of the individuals at Sams.

leigh said...

Hey there,
How about some Pirate Booty? Yummy!

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I hope that you didn't come down with the Swine Flu. It turns out that I was coming down with a nasty case of Mastitis. NO FUN!

I am on the mend and happy to know that I did not run myself into the ground!


Kim said...

I had no idea about the DQ bar. I feel like I just won some money or something!!! I really like those toasted spiced soy nuts but I'm sure that in the process of getting them so tasty I might just as well have chips.

I am definitely going to check out the site you mentioned.

101 Days Until Baby said...

Pretzels maybe?

They also sell regular Lays in 100 calorie bags that always seem just perfect to me. It is still terrible for you but the calories are not bad and the size is surprisingly satisfying.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Um sorry, my "chip" substitute is pork rinds. Or burnt cheese.