Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Thoughts Day


Why the hell are there so many freakin’ ways to spell Hanukah Channukah Chanukah Hanukkah? Note to the Jews – just pick one already. Sheesh.

At what point does one make the transition from ‘Miss’ to ‘Ma’am’? I remember the very first time I was Ma’am-ed (sadly, it was quite some years ago) and it was very shocking to the system. I remember being totally appalled by the thought that I was considered more a Ma’am than a Miss. What is even more shocking to the system is that I was recently ‘Miss-ed’ and I was offended by that. What do they think I am, some girl they can easily dismiss? Yeah, I know. I don’t really get me either.

What is with the two day hangover? I’m not that old and I didn’t drink that much. I had a job interview yesterday that I’m pretty sure I tanked all thanks to the ‘Christmas Cheer’ I indulged on Saturday night. That’s something a ‘Miss’ would do I guess.

Why do all the teachers I know have so much money? They all live in beautiful homes and go on fancy trips and I know for a fact they all earn sweet-fa for a salary. Is there some kind of secret teacher underground embezzlement cluster or something? And if so, can we get in on that deal when the Hubby graduates?

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Keely said...

Well they're notorious for being cheap - that might help ;)