Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Tuesday Thoughts for Keely


Why do some people not flush the toilet in public bathrooms? What makes them think I want to see their pee? Is it just straight up laziness, or are they in someway ‘proud’ of their discharge? We're women for god sakes - only men can get away with that kind of thing because they don't know any better.

Why do celebrities give their kids such ridiculous names? Ashlee Simpson just named her new son Bronx Mowgli. Unless you’re a cartoon character or a puppy that name is stupid. Can you imagine coming into this world the son of Ashlee Simpson and being named Bronx Mowgli? That kid is going to have it rough. She could have named this poor child Haywood Jablome and he would have had it easier.

I’ve been selected for jury duty! This is not really so much something to ponder as it is TOTALLY COOL. I know most people dread this kind of thing, but I have always wanted to be on a jury. I’m not asked my opinion much at work anymore and I really like giving it so jury duty is perfect for me. I also have very clear, self imposed rules regarding fairness so I will be a perfect juror. Hopefully I can be the foreman. Do they really have those or is Law and Order not exactly accurate? I hope not because I get most of my legal knowledge from that show.

I think the Beatles were talking about JC’s unit when they said “We’re bigger than Jesus”. Where do you think the phrase ‘rock out with your cock out’ came from?


Keely said...

Jesus said that??? I didn't know that. Why am I not following this dude again?

FoN said...

I'm not sure. His dad can be kind of a buzz kill so maybe that's why.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ashlee and Pete are actually instigating a feud with the Beckhams. Maybe Brooklyn Beckham and Bronx Wentz will each start throwing up gang signs and sh*t.

And wasn't Mowgli also the name of the little Gizmo dude before he became a scary Gremlin?!? You're totally right: Mowgli is a freakin' animal name. A STUFFED animal name. And that's just creepy. Who wants a taxidermy kid? whether he's a little gangbanger or not?!